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Asian Embroidery Designs for Pocket Embellishments
(to see lots of pictures click on the pictures below, then click on the picture again)

This embroidery project group includes three Asian embroidery designs, each in two sizes (six embroidery designs total, all sold separately). This is a very easy project that you can use to dress up any bag. The instructions explain how to place the embroidery design template correctly so that your embroidey design is in the correct spot and is perfectly square with the project, how to frame the embroidery design with fabric, how to line and interface the pocket and how to make a pair of pockets, stacked together. These embroidery project instructions are available as a separate download.

The picture above shows a pair of pockets stacked together and applied to the side of the Geisha Bag. The Large Asian Carp embroidery design is used for embellishment on the top pocket. This bag project is located with the Bag Projects and is sold separately. 

Each digitized embroidery design download comes with a printable template, stitch and thread color information, plus recommended instructions for working with templates. You can also use the more traditional method of marking the center of the design for placements if you prefer to work with the other method. The first and last digitized stitches are in the center of each design. In addition, the printable stitch information sheet includes a true to size picture of the design with the center point marked.

Follow these instructions for organizing your downloaded files so that the instructions, templates, and thread color information are kept together with the correct digitized design:

1. Purchase the file of your choice. All of the embroidery file formats (EXP, HUS, DST, EMD, JEF, PEC, PES, VIP, XXX) are included in each download.  Click the "download files" button. The file will download to your desktop (or where you specify). It will be marked by the bird embroidery scissors icon. Right click on the icon, choose "Send To" then "My Documents".

2. Go to "My Documents". Create a new folder called Susa Glenn Designs (or whatever you please) where you keep your embroidery designs so that you will have a place to keep all of your Susa Glenn Designs embroidery files together. This will come in handy later as many of these designs can be used together to make larger designs.

3. Find the new download in My Documents. It is probably near the bottom of the list, but it could be alphabetized. Click to highlight it and drag and drop it into the folder where you want to keep Susa Glenn Designs downloads.

4. Open the folder where you just put the file  and find it again. Double click on it to open it. Click "run". Allow the files to go into the default folder. Click "unzip". Click "close". The folder with the default name will appear in the same folder  and all of the downloaded files will be inside it. You can then delete the original download file to save on computer memory. You can also delete the machine files that are in formats that you do not want.