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Asian Embroidery Designs
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Asian Machine Embroidery Wall Hanging
Asian Egret Embroidered Wall Hanging is shown above framed in fabric and accented with the Japanese Crest of Two Cranes machine embroidery (available separately below) at each corner.

These Asian embroidery designs are organized into embroidery projects. You can purchase all of the components for an embroidery project or you can purchase just one of the downloadable embroidery designs. You can use embroidery designs from different embroidery projects in this collection to create your own unique embroidered design montage! All of the Asian Inspired embroidery designs are shown below.

Each digitized embroidery design download comes with a printable template, stitch and thread color information, plus recommended instructions for working with templates. You can also use the more traditional method of marking the center of the design for placements if you prefer to work with the other method. The first and last digitized stitches are in the center of each design.

Asian Egret Embroidery Shoulder Bag Asian Embroidery Add-A-Pockets
This project group includes two machine embroidery designs , The Egret Flock with Moon and The Landing Egret plus a very easy bag project. The bag's instructions are available for download.
This project group includes three machine embroidery designs, each in two sizes. This is a very easy project that you can use to dress up any bag. The pocket instructions explain how to make lined embroidered pockets and are available for download.

The files available here have been compressed into .ZIP format. You can UnZIP them using WinZip or WinRAR, or WinXP's 'Extract To' feature.