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Folk Art Batiks Embroidery Designs

Folk Art Batik #1 machine embroidery design

Here is my collection of Folk Art Batiks Embroidery Designs. This group was inspired by ancient Chinese folk art batiks. These machine embroideries are charming and versatile because they look hand made. These embroidery designs contain a multitude of French knots along with lots of stem stitching and satin fills. I like them best stitched out with rayon thread because the rayon is softer, plumper, and has a nap like velvet which adds depth.

These embroidery designs are reminiscent of the designs used on Old West bandanas and blend well with paisley designs. They work well with Cowboy and Western themes. They work well as folk art. They are fabulously intricate and are fascinating to watch being stitched out.

These machine embroidery designs are addictive so this collection will increase as time allows. You can pick your favorites for your own quilt top or just choose one to embellish the side of a bag or the front of a pocket. Each embroidery design download includes three sizes of the design; small, medium, and large. See individual designs for more information. 

Each digitized embroidery design download comes with a printable template, stitch and thread color information. Basting rectangles are included as part of each digitized design. They are done as a separate color and can be removed easily if you prefer.
You can also use the more traditional method of marking the center of the design for placements if you prefer to work with the other method. The first and last digitized stitches are in the center of each design.

The files available here have been compressed into .ZIP format. You can UnZIP them using WinZip or WinRAR, or WinXP's 'Extract To' feature.