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free embroidery design and project

Free Embroidery Designs & Projects!!!

OK, OK.... I give.... Here is the section you have all been looking for.... FREE STUFF!!!!!! I'm not very good at providing free embroidery designs because I am obsessive/compulsive and take a ridiculous amount of time with digitizing my designs. Nobody in their right mind would give work away that they have spent so much time on.  So maybe this act of charity says more about me than I would like to admit. I just decided that there may be some of you who would like to try my process to see if you like it before biting the bullet and parting with your hard earned cash. Anyway.... Enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE! ALL OF THE FREE DESIGNS COME WITH BASTING RECTANGLES. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, please read the free tutorial here. Please remember to start stitching with the second thread color. I realize this sounds a little crazy, but different embroidery machines behave differently so in order to be sure that the basting rectangle will work properly on all home embroidery machines I have to digitize a starting color that is not used. It's complicated.

I bundle my embroidery designs with pdf files of instructions and paper templates for printing. All of the different embroidery file formats are included in the download (just delete the ones you don't want to keep - right click on the ones you don't want, then click "delete"). I could just zip the folder of assorted files, but many people cannot unzip zipped folders. So I go through an extra step to create a .EXE file from the zipped folder. A .EXE file automatically opens when you double click on it. Computers give a warning before they open a .EXE file because it is going to open when you click on it. All of my .EXE files are virus free.

Folk Art Fun Freebie Drama Drapes
Folk Art Fun Freebie works great on cropped pants' legs!
Drama Drapes with Embroidered Tie-Backs
Folk Art Flower Array Forgetmenots Tile
Folk Art Flower Array Free Machine Embroidery
Forgetmenots Tile Free Machine Embroidery
Free Basting Rectangles Big Buttonhole Free Machine Embroidery
Free Basting Rectangles Free Machine Embroidery: Add a free basting rectangle to any machine embroidery design!
Big Buttonhole Free Machine Embroidery: This buttonhole is sized to work with 1.5" buttons and works perfectly with the 1.5" shank buttons-to-cover available here!
Floating Feather Freebie Oriental Butterfly Free Machine Embroidery
Floating Feather Freebie Machine Embroidery: This design is part of the Cowboy Bootstitching Continuous Line Embroideries and is used in the center of the Bootstitching Feathers Pillow. This download includes the design with single stitching and with triple stitching.
Oriental Butterfly Free Machine Embroidery: This is a good design to download if you want to evaluate the quality of my digitizing. It was created 10/7/2008.
Forgetmenots Embroidered Pillow Free Download Hibiscus Leaves Free Embroidery
Please note that this is not your regular run of the mill machine embroidery freebie. I am making this machine embroidery project available as a free download so that you can see not only the quality of my designs but also the items that come with my designs as standard features. Click on the picture to go to the free download link.
Hibiscus Leaves Free Embroidery: Digitized 8/6/09
Maple Leaf Free Embroidery Two Cranes Japanese Crest Free Machine Embroidery
Continuous Line Maple Leaf Free Embroidery: Digitized 10/15/09
Two Cranes Japanese Crest Free Embroidery : Digitizing updated 6-29-08