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How to Download Zipped Embroidery Files, Unzip Them, and FIND Them
These instructions were written for Windows XP. If you have a newer Windows Operating System, your process could be slightly different. If you have a MAC, here is a video on YouTube. If you have Windows XP, here is a video on YouTube. If you have Windows 7, here is a video on YouTube.

1. Set up a folder for keeping your embroidery designs.  Go to Start>My Documents. Right click, choose Open.

Open My Documents

Right click on the screen in the white area near the folders but don't highlight one. Hover over New, click Folder to create a new folder.

click New Folder

The new folder's name should be in blue which means you can edit the name. Choose something you will remember like Embroidery Designs or My Embroidery Designs. If the folder's name isn't blue, slowly click twice on it to activate the name change option. A fast double click will just open it. Or you can click on it once, then right click, then choose Rename and type in My Embroidery Designs. Next, repeat the process and set up subfolders for keeping each category of embroidery designs, organized by topic (i.e. Children, florals, geometric), then by source (i.e. Susa Glenn Designs).

2. Set up a folder for receiving your file downloads: Windows’ Internet Explorer’s Help has this information: Where are downloaded files saved? When you download files, Windows usually saves them in the Downloads folder, which is located under your user name in the Users folder on the drive where Windows is installed (for example C:\users\your name\downloads). When you are saving the file, you can choose to save it to a different folder when prompted. You can create this folder in advance as you did in step 1 if your computer does not already have a Downloads folder in My Documents.

If you are using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer: Set your Preferences in your Browser (Firefox) to put your downloads into your newly created Downloads folder. Open Firefox, go to Tools (top of screen when Firefox is open)>Options>General.

Firefox downloads setup

“General” is located top left. Select Save files to. Click Browse, find the Downloads folder you created in My Documents. Click OK.

3. Purchase an embroidery download and download your purchase: Click on the link that you receive after purchasing and follow the instructions. You can also follow the instructions below (A-F):

A. Go to and log in. You might have to go to My Account (top right) to log in.
B. Click on My Account (top right).
C. Click on  Review/Track Packages. Make sure that the search time frame parameters include the time that you made the purchase (for example: Orders placed in the last 12 months), click Go.
D. Click on Download Files (the link is on the right, next to the order for the download, under View or Change).
E. Look at the top part of the screen. There is a blue arrow pointing down and there is another link that says: Click here to download the files you've purchased. Click it.
F. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Click the link that says, YOUR
DOWNLOADS...Click on the filename to begin downloading.

4. Find your download in your Downloads folder (see #2 above). If you have 10,000 or so files in your download folder, the easiest way to find the newest one is to sort them by date. Go to View>Arrange Icons By > Modified.

find the new downloaded zip folder
After you sort the files/folders, the new one will either be the first one or the last one.

5. Move the zipped download folder to the folder where you want to keep the embroidery designs (see #1 above): Right click on the zipped folder to highlight it. Click on Move this File (left column).

Move the zipped folder

If “File and Folder Tasks” is not showing, activate it by clicking on View>Status Bar.

6. Unzip the folder: If you have Windows XP or newer operating system on your computer you already have the capability to unzip the folder. To "extract all files or folders" (equals to unzip the folder), right-click the zipped folder, and then click Extract All. 

unzip the folder with Extract All Command

The Extraction Wizard will open. In the Compressed (zipped) Folders Extraction Wizard, specify that you want to store the extracted files where the zipped (compresses) folder is located (it is the default location). 

Windows Extraction Wizard select location

7. Delete the zipped folder and keep the unzipped folder: Right click on the zipped folder, click Delete.  

Please remember that the zipped folders that you download from Susa Glenn Designs contain a pdf file that includes the paper templates to print and the thread chart and project instructions if part of the package. Only digitized designs in the correct file format for your machine should be loaded in your machine.