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   How to Use Machine Embroidery Layout Templates

A machine embroidery layout template is a master template of a group of machine embroidery design templates. Use a layout template to make certain that your individual embroidery design templates fit together perfectly.  If you follow the instructions for how to work with embroidery design templates and basting rectangles, you will find that this process makes individual design placement accuracy easy. Pair this process with large layout templates and you will be able to embroider large complex designs with relative ease!

I offer Layout Templates as PDF files for download. You can also create your own large layout original designs! Just print your embroidery design templates, cut them out and play with your own layout ideas. When you are pleased with your layout design, tape the templates together. Then lay the group onto your project. Because the embroidery designs in the Embroidery Art Parts collections come with mirrored templates too, layout work is fun and can be done as a physical process with printed paper. You do not need to be a whiz at digitizing to do this process. All you have to do is use your computer to send the printing job to the printer.

Many of the layout templates offered here include the printed pattern for a project. If possible, roll the layout template up and keep it attached to the work. If the rolled template hinders embroidering the work, remove it. To replace it later in order to cut the pattern out, confirm the correct registration with the finished embroidery with straight pins at several locations.

Easy Step by Step Instructions For Working With Layout Templates
1. Print the pages of the Embroidery Layout PDF file.   embroidery templates how to 1
2. Tape the sheets together. Use the printed registration marks for accuracy.
3. Cut out the paper templates. Overlay the first one on top of the layout template. Tape it down with a little piece of blue painter's tape so it won't move.
 embroidery template how to 3
4. This is a picture of the Skeleton Leaf template. There are arrows that point to the juncture location printed on the template. The embroidery designs in the embroidery groups that I offer as Embroidery Art Parts (such as the Skeleton Leaves) all come with digitized jump stitches that exactly mark where the juncture of the embroidery design is.

Trim paper away from connection points so that you can see what you are doing when placing the next embroidery templates.

 embroidery template
6. Place the next templates onto the layout template, paying careful attention to the juncture areas. Tape all of the paper templates together. embroidery template how to 5
7. Move the group of paper templates to your project. Pin and tape each template to the project. Remove the tape that holds them together as a group.  embroidery template how to 6
8.Fold the other templates back so that you can embroider the first design. In the Skeleton Leaf group, the stems are always embroidered first.  embroidery template how to 7
9. Stitch the first design.  embroidery template how to 8
10. Fold the next template back into position so you can embroider it. Just after the basting rectangle is completed, the needle will jump to the first juncture stitch. Stop the machine A FEW STITCHES BEFORE the basting rectangle is completed and step it forward to this juncture stitch so that you can verify that the penetration point is exactly correct. Then step the stitching forward one stitch and verify the location of the second juncture stitch. Fine tune the location of these stitches if needed. Ask your embroidery machine dealer how to do this if you don't already know how. The basting rectangle will make this process very easy because it controls the location of your stitch out both vertically and horizontally.
 embroidery template how to
11. Stitch the second design. Fold the next template into position.  embroidery template how to
12. Embroider the last design. Admire your work!

 embroidery template how to 10

I hope that these embroidery tips have been helpful to you and that you will give one of my Embroidery Layout Templates a try!

The picture below is of my Skeleton Leaves Mirror Frame Project. I stitched this project using the process described above.
The largest stitchout area that I used was 5"X7". The finished frame is 18"X22". I haven't had a lot of practice doing this.  Can you tell where the junctures are?

skeleton leaf frame