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chicken pincushions

Sewing Whimsies for Your Sewing Room

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Surround yourself with companions who make you smile. Smiling is good for you and giggling is even better. And itís contagious! These little characters make perfect gifts for sewing friends and anyone who receives one of these little treasures will know that she is cherished.

If you want to make gifts for sewing friends, you have found your source for projects! Most of these Sewing Whimsies can be made in less than 2 hours. The time to make each project is located at the top of each item page. The level of difficulty is also noted so that you wonít get in over your head if you are new to the sewing experience. Most of these little Sewing Whimsies can be made out of less than a fat quarter of fabric so these sewing collectables wonít break the bank. So pull out your gift list and take a look!

The thing that makes these Sewing Whimsies really sewing collectables is that every time that you make one it is truly unique. They each have their own personality. This is especially true of LittleMouse. You control his personality with the way you sew on his ears and his eyes. Each one is an original!

To see lots of pictures and more information, just pick your favorites and click on the pictures. There are additional pictures hiding behind the main picture on each project page so be sure you click on that picture too!

What's With All These Chickens?

The Original Plucky Chicken Pin Cushion

The Original Plucky Chicken (pattern retired 2005)

I keep getting asked, ďWhatís with all these chickens you keep making?Ē I remember there was a time when I wasnít fixated on chickens. And then the girls came into my life.

In April of 1999, I ordered the fifteen Buff Orpington pullets and one cockerel from the hatchery and told my husband Rodger that they would be arriving in 30 days and would he please build the hen house now. Thirty days later, the post office called at 7:00 A.M. to let me know that my chicks had arrived and to come pick them up right away before they had to open for business (I could hear a racket of peeps in the background).

Of course the hen house hadnít been started yet, but no matter, I just put the chicks in the bath tub, along with sawdust for litter, and added a heat lamp for good measure. Fortunately, the tub was located in the extra bathroom. Rodger had thought that I had been joking about getting chickens but I reminded him that the chicks in the bath tub were real and really were going to need that hen house real soon now. Sixteen days later, I still had no hen house and the chicks had grown wings and were practicing touch & go landings down the length of the bath tub. So Rodger got started.

In a few days I had a lovely gypsy cart of a portable hen house. Rodger had put it on wheels so we could move it around from pasture to orchard depending on the bug population. Well, the girls just loved it and moved right in. Unfortunately, there was a slight design flaw with the chicken gang plank/door and one evening when I closed the brood up, I smashed a toe in the door and made it bleed. It was a chickenís toe, not mine. So I caught the stricken pullet and took her to the house where I washed her feet and applied some ointment. She really liked the foot bath. She thought it was just wonderful. She became my new best friend.

I had planned in the beginning to not get chummy with these chickens and vowed not to name anybody. But I had put leg bands on them with numbers. And my new best friend was Chicken #30. Chicken #30 decided that her status had been elevated to Resident Lap Chicken. When I sat in the swing, she would jump up and sit in my lap, with both legs splayed out behind her. If I was just standing around ignoring her, she would look up expectantly and if I didnít get the hint, she would jump up & down and peck my leg until I picked her up. Being carried around was her all time favorite pass time. Chicken # 30 was totally rotten.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and Chicken # 30 met hers about a year later. I came home one day and the sky undertakers were circling ominously and holding a wake just north of the barn near the gypsy cart hen house. I went up to check things out and all that was left of the guest of honor was an egg, two feet and a red leg band that read # 30.

And so, in memory of Chicken # 30, the first Plucky Chicken came to be in the fall of 2001. Now I canít seem to stop myself from making chickens. I remember the golden fluffy rumps motivating across the lawn and I just canít help myself. Itís a sickness. The original Plucky Chicken resides in the house next to the sewing machine where her toes are safe from smashing, the fox wonít come to call, and the undertakers in the sky are far, far away.

The Gypsy Cart Hen House and Chicken #30

Chicken #30 and the Gypsy Cart Hen House